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Meetup Locations

Our Primary Meetup Calendar is managed through Meetup – WordPress Tampa Bay. All other regional Meetups in Tampa Bay will begin posting their events on the primary Meetup group.

Our Meetup Calendars are always kept up to date, so join the Meetup Groups above to be notified of new talks as we announce them. If a group is noted as Currently Inactive that means we’re either looking for a Venue Sponsor in that region or a Community Organizer or both. Groups that have not scheduled a meetup in over six months are flagged as Inactive.

About WordPress Tampa Bay

We serve the community of Tampa Bay by offering lectures, sessions, classes, networking events, and help desks to students of WordPress. We cover topics with varying degrees of skills from very beginner to very advanced or expert. We are organized into six regional areas across Tampa Bay to better serve the community.


We started this group on sometime in the summer of 2010. Our first meetup was at Panera Bread in Feather Sound and it was more or less a meet and greet led by an individual named John Biddle. For a time John led the group by holding monthly meetings at CDB’s Southside, booking various speakers and sharing knowledge until he stepped back and gave the group to Alison Foxall to lead about a year or so later.

Alison lead the group since 2011 and in 2013 got approved by The WordPress Foundation to hold an official WordCamp Tampa, affiliated by WordPress itself. In 2014, Alison and a dedicated group of organizers lead the inception of this first WordCamp Tampa, following up with WordCamps in 2015 with Thomas Giella heading up WordCamp Tampa 2016.

In 2016, we shifted to WordPress Chapter Meetups in an effort to get more than just the organizing team involved in the WordPress community. Jim True is currently serving as regional coordinator for Tampa Bay WordPress, helping to get new local areas organized to join the WordPress Chapter Program, find Meetup venues, and network with the remaining groups to build a pool of speakers, sponsors, volunteers and organizers so we can properly support a WordCamp in the future for the region. We believe we can do this better by building a strong WordPress Community in the Tampa Bay area.

Welcome and Orientation

New to WordPress Meetups? Check out our Orientation to get you started so you know what to expect and where to get help.

Suggesting Meetup Events

Would you like to host a Meetup? Here are the guidelines for doing just that and some ideas for potential Meetups.

Meetup Code of Conduct

Our Mission and driving principles as part of the WordPress Meetup Chapter program.


We’ll try to maintain all our logos for download and slide graphics for use when you do presentations at our Meetups.