Topic Ideas

If you’re looking for ideas for possible speaking topics, our St Petersburg group had a meeting in February where we discussed all the things we wanted to talk about and learn about this year. Get inspired¬†& Speak!

Finding Your Niche

  • How to make your business model unique
  • How to find the job that’s going to make you happy (wake you up in the morning)
  • Start with Why

Working with Special Website Cases:

Working Efficiently/ Site Turnover

  • Performance Tuning (Images, Pages, Speed, etc.)
  • Speed & Caching Tricks
  • Image Optimization / Plugin Optimization
  • Site Checklist for Healthy Sites
  • Too Many Plugins
  • Choosing Healthy Themes

Fixing Broken Sites

  • Troubleshooting CPANEL, PHP & DB Issues
  • Malfunctioning Plugins & Themes
  • White Screen of Death (How to recover)
  • Effective Triage -> Get Back to Live (Recover the heartbeat first)

Finding Inspiration

  • Stealing, (ahem), “Modeling” Great Sites for Design & Functionality
  • Minimum Viable Product, or MVP
  • Theme vs. Development: Choosing Themes & Plugins

Speaking Client

Project Management