Joe Labonte

Joe LabonteI have 15+ years of experience in Web Development. My main focus is PHP-based frameworks (Magento/WordPress) and I currently work almost exclusively in WordPress for higher education. My prior work experience experience includes being lead developer on SAP Hybris websites for Ford Motor Company, Advance Auto Parts, O’Reilly Auto, and other enterprise-level companies. My current project is a redevelopment of the Florida Polytechnic University Website – completely in WordPress – which is what I plan to talk about. I have previously developed solutions for Polk State College, University of the Ozarks, and other Higher Ed Institutions.

At the age of 14 I became the youngest person ever accepted to the Woonsocket Area Career and Technical Center (vocational school). I earned a free ride to New England Technical Institute, and from there, a free ride to Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Masters in Engineering). I retired at the age of 33. By age 34, boredom sent me back into the workforce, working for CNP Marketing Agency – ranked as one of Florida’s top 10 places to work.

I have also been a featured speaker at the B2B E-Commerce Executive Seminar, hosted by the IRCE:

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